AMU Neutrino Physics Group savants receive esteemed fellowships

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As the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) celebrates its centenary year, three of the university's young and talented savants from the Neutrino Physics Group have received esteemed international exchange fellowship programs. They are Dr Huma Haider, Zubair Ahmed Dar and Faiza Akbar. 

“The best institutes are increasingly identifying  and rewarding the academic rigour and the  innovative work of the bright minds at AMU. It's being exemplified with the fellowships received by young researchers," an official press statement said. 

Dr Huma Haider (Assistant Professor, Physics Section of Women's College) has been awarded postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Iowa, USA for two years. She is working on the Neutrino Centre Fellowship of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, USA (Fermilab) for the past two years.

Zubair Ahmed Dar, a Ph.D. student working at Fermilab under an AMU-Fermilab collaboration program for over two years has also received a postdoctoral fellowship for two years at William and Mary, a public research university in USA. Similarly, Faiza Akbar, who is also working on her Ph.D. thesis under the AMU-Fermilab collaboration for the past four- years has been granted the fellowship to perform postdoctoral work. Both Zubair and Faiza are expected to submit their thesis next month in AMU.

Congratulating the recipients of the fellowships, AMU Vice Chancellor, Prof Tariq Mansoor said that advanced students, researchers and faculty members at AMU are working in frontier areas of science.

AMU's research base is expanding and our scientific output is increasing, he added. 


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