Indian-American Sameera Fazili to Biden’s A team

Kashmiri origin Sameera Fazili is among the most recent wave of Indian American nominees to be named to Biden’s A-team. Fazili has been appointed as Deputy Director of National Economic Council under Biden-Harris transition on Friday. The council coordinates the economic policy-making process and provides advice to the US president.

Ms Fazili is the second Kashmiri-origin Indian-American appointed to a key position in the Biden administration. Her appointment has kindled festivities to her extended family in Srinagar.

"We are very proud. Everybody in Kashmir should be proud as it is a proud moment for the whole Kashmir," her uncle Rouf Fazili told PTI. "It is a great honour and respect for every one of us and a great occasion.

Recently, Biden's transition team put out a thick section presenting Fazili and her professional work preceding her joining the Biden group. Fazili was at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta where she served as the Director of Engagement for Community and Economic Development. In the Obama-Biden Administration, Fazili served as a senior policy advisor on the White House’s National Economic Council and as a senior advisor at the US Treasury Department in both Domestic Finance and International Affairs. She was a clinical lecturer of law at Yale Law School.

Originally from Buffalo, she presently lives in Georgia with her husband and three kids. Fazili is an alumna of Yale Law School and Harvard College. Sameera Fazili is the daughter of a Kashmir-born doctor couple, Muhammad Yusuf Fazili and Rafiqa Fazili.

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