Duty calls, groom steered ambulance amidst the wedding

Amidst his wedding, Musaddique's phone rang asking for an ambulance driver to attend an emergency case. He did not think twice. He steered the ambulance in his wedding suit and sped to kotheri. 

Musaddique is a permanent employee at kotheri Shihab Thangal Relief Cell ambulance. Leaving the wedding guests startled, Musaddique decided to drive the ambulance himself rather than wait till a substitute is arranged. 

"A person's life is more valuable than my happiness", said Musaddique. Finding a perfume clad ambulance driver arriving in a wedding suit amazed many. Musaddique resumed his marriage function after driving the burning fever patient to the hospital.   

This heart-warming incident was shared on Facebook by his friend Shuhaib, who is also the secretary of Shihab Thangal Relief Cell. Musaddique, son of  Mannur based couples, Mariyam and Ibrahim married Suhana from Aralam.

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