A message from The Site for our readers

The need for positive news is now, more than ever, and there is no better day than the day of our Independence to remind us of that. 

Our country finds itself at crossroads. Hate news, fake news, paid trolls, and pointless, loudly televised discussions have become the norm in Indian journalism. With each passing day, the standards of Journalism in this country fall lower. The Site is a humble attempt to change the narrative that news is meant to scare, anger and mislead us. Through positive news from marginalised communities, we will aim to reinforce the idea of a pluralistic, secular nation that is for all its citizens.

The Site will take reports from both established journalists as well as its readers, as long as they meet the standards set by our editorial boards. We encourage readers from all faiths, castes and states to write for us. We ask you, our readers, to tell us what we can highlight, and where we must improve. We are a simple, honest start-up backed by well-meaning individuals who believe that together, we can make a difference.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and in the coming days, we will do our best to cover as many Indian states as possible. But to do that, we need your support, love and criticism. Together, we will show this nation and its citizens that it is never too late to have hope and be optimistic.  

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